With over 10 years experience providing creative art classes for families, organizations and schools in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, Ehmandah creative arts programs promote self confidence by attaching value to a child's creative impulses through songwriting, visual arts and more.

Elementary Songwriting Workshop

Elementary Songwriting Workshop


KidSongRock is a songwriting workshop.  Learn how to write a song.  During the writing process, children will learn about music theory, song structure and write a group song. Great for schools and organizations.

Family Rock is a amazing fun experience for families to learn and write a song all while spending quality time together.


Private Voice Lessons - Ehmandah provides private singing lessons for children and adults.  Learn breathing, vocal techniques and vocal care.  Whether you're a beginner or advance, she can help take your singing to the next level.  *Group lessons are available.

Worship Singers - Ehmandah provides group singing lessons to help your team develop their voice and deliver an amazing worship service experience.